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New Client Promotion 20% off all Sugaring services.

✅ Applicable only on weekdays
✅ Applicable to new clients only
✅ Valid at both Sugarwaxed Cavan & Sugarwaxed OUE Downtown Gallery
✅ Stackable with any SugarTiers
✅ Share your SugarTiers with as many family and friends


To redeem Promo Code
1. Visit Sugarwaxed.com
2. Book an appointment
3. Enter promo code to book online and on WhatsApp.

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Contact #: (65) 6974 8685
WhatsApp: (65) 8922 1772
Book online: sugarwaxed.com

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Pinklestar Mega Giveaway 2023

Spend $80 in a single Sugarwaxed receipt for a chance to win a beach holiday in Bali, Indonesia! 🏖🛫🇮🇩

Multiple transactions are accepted provided it is a valid date of purchase during the promotion period. Receipts submitted after the 30th of December 2023 will not be accepted.

The draw will be held on 31st December 2023 at 4 PM Singapore Time.

For more information, Register Here ⬇️


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