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Sugarwaxed uses Nature’s Sugar all-natural sugar paste consisting of sugar, lemon & water. Specially formulated to be gentle for all skin types, it’s free from chemicals, parabens or sulfites. And even edible!

Nature’s Sugar is Vegan, Cruelty-Free, 100% Natural AND Water Soluble! It’s not hot during application and won’t burn your skin- it’s safe effective and simply sweet. We care about your skin so we give you the safest products possible.


The 1st of its kind squeeze bottle is specially customised and designed just for Sugarwaxed.

This system eliminates all cross-contamination issues associated with conventional waxing by using a squeeze bottle! 


Using Nature’s Sugar bottle, our Hair Removal Specialist (HRS) will squeeze the sugar directly onto the skin and spread it in an evenly thin layer. Our HRS will apply the epilation strip over the layer, they will firmly press onto the skin in the direction of the hair growth.


Our Hair Removal Specialist (HRS) will hold the skin taut, and remove the strip against the direction of growth.


Resulting in silky smooth, beautiful skin, without the discomforts of other hair removal techniques and faster depletion of hair growth.


Sugarwaxed strives to work with our clients to resolve any skin concerns and improve the overall condition of their skin with Nature’s Sugar PRE and POST hair removal system. 


By waxing with sugar frequently, hair grows back softer, finer, sparser and eases out with less pain. Sugar wax every 4-5 weeks equals silky, smooth, beautiful skin. Sugar waxing naturally involves an exfoliation process which removes dead and dry skin cells from the top skin layer, resulting smoother and a more even skin texture. For tattoo lovers, it helps rejuvenate and brighten up tattoos after getting Sugarwaxed. 

Customer Reviews

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So far the best customer service experience I ever had. This is the first time I'm having professional SUGAR WAXING done. I never expected such excellent service. all the staff and owner were professional and easy to talk to. What I love about this product is that they use ALL NATURAL formula!
Kae Dimadura
I went for waxing for the very first time and I was already expecting the worst pain, but it was actually tolerable. It also helped that the specialists were really friendly and made sure I was taken care of. They have explained the process and what products were used very well.
Eric Cobreros
The service is awesome. Thank you Shikin for making the whole experience so comfortable. Even though I wasn’t new to sugar hair removal but I wasn’t expecting that they use the hybrid of waxing and sugaring. There is no hard selling here. That is how professional they are. Highly recommended!!! Definitely will be back for my maintenance
Kate Soon


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