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Singapore’s first unisex hybrid sugaring studio.  Meet your go-to healthy alternative to conventional waxing

Using sugar for hair removal is an ancient technique that is 100% natural and easy to clean up as it is water-soluble. Our sugar which made up of lemon, water and you guessed it, sugar. It’s so safe on the skin that you can even eat it!

In these bright, clean and buzzing studios you will immediately feel at ease while doing sugaring at Sugarwaxed.


Summarised in a vision, this is how our organisation defines our reason for existence and learn what is sugaring hair removal?


With more than 10 years of experience handling sugar paste, you know that you will be receiving only the best service.

the hybrid
Learn our hybrid method and know the differences!

A simple, safe and effective system for professional body sugaring hair removal. No more double dipping!

New To Professional Body Sugaring?

These pre-sugaring hacks will help you get ready for your service & ensure you get the best sugaring possible.


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Everything you need to know before receiving your treatment


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